VBulletin Forum Backup Exploit [Hack Forum Database And Deface] [HOT]

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    VBulletin Forum Backup Exploit [Hack Forum Database And Deface] [HOT]
    Enjoy The Exploit Guys !

    NOTE : I m not the author of this exploit .. I m just sharing with ABH users

    # Exploit Title: Vbulletin Forum Backup Exploit
    # Google Dork: allinurl:forumbackup
    # Date: 14/9/2012
    # Exploit Author: BeNji
    # Vendor Homepage: Hacking & Web Security Forum - BiT'S HACK
    Software Link: Home page
    # Version: All Versions
    # Tested on: http://www.eyehorn.com
    # CVE : [if one exists, or other VDB reference]

    This is a simple vbulletin forum exploit !

    With the help of this vulnerability you can hack database of vbulletin forums

    Here is the instruction for exploit :

    1- Go the google.com and search for this dork

    DoRKS :


    2- Find the vulnerability links which looks like :





    3 - Here Is the example URL for your demo : http://www.eyehorn.com/wppublic/forumbac...les).sql

    4 - Open The Database And Check for 1st User Name and Pas

    5 - Get The user name and crack the hash ! Thats All

    Now to go the forum and login with Admin user name and password and deface the forum !

    Credits :
    BitsHacking Team
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    i love you work

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