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  1. Gary Jamison

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    Credit Cards Carding Forum Shipping World Wide Western Union Bank Paypal Transfer
    Verified Seller ( Gary Jamison )

    Contact Me For Deal Yahoo: [email protected]:ICQ:gj778906

    You will receive MTCN and other transaction codes in few minutes after confirmed payment because I will do transfer ONLINE. I do not accept 50% / 50% or any %. The prices below are final and I won't negotiate because I don't have time and I make enough money from this so I don't care if you buy or not from me! All western union, money gram are completed within few minutes once payment is confirmed and depending if me or my partner is online. I do transfer online website and I use platinum cards to do transfers which is instant. All bank transfers take a couple of hours like 8-12 to be fully completed.

    Also when I transfer for Western Union or Money Gram I need the following details from you.

    Quote:First Name:_____________________
    Last Name:______________________
    Your country:___________________
    Your City:______________________

    MTCN Will be in maximum 30 mints after payment confirmation

    Payment accept only Bitcoin

    Price List For Western Union Transfer:
    $2000 Transfer = $300 Charges ( Payment BTC)
    $3000 Transfer = $350 Charges
    $4000 Transfer = $450 Charges
    $5000 Transfer = $550 Charges
    $7000 Transfer = $650 Charges
    $8500 Transfer = $800 Charges
    $10000 Transfer = $900 Charges

    Price List For Bank Transfer:
    $3000 Transfer = $300 Charges ( Payment BTC)
    $3500 Transfer = $350 Charges
    $5000 Transfer = $450 Charges
    $6500 Transfer = $600 Charges
    $7000 Transfer = $700 Charges
    $8000 Transfer = $800 Charges
    $10000 Transfer = $950 Charges

    For Bank Transfer info Needed:
    1: Account Number:
    2: Iban Or Swift Code Or Routing Number Or Sort Code:
    3: Bank Name:
    4: Account Holder Name:

    Paypal Transfer :-

    Using hacked and verified pay pal accounts to transfer pay pal account to account transfer . Im doing paypal transfer to my safe accounts first and then into customers accounts , So you don't have any headache to clean the money because its already clean when i transfer it into my account .

    Price List For Paypal Transfer:
    $2000 Transfer = $300 Charges ( Payment BTC)
    $3500 Transfer = $350 Charges
    $5000 Transfer = $450 Charges
    $7000 Transfer = $600 Charges
    $8500 Transfer = $700 Charges
    $10000 Transfer = $850 Charges

    you can select anything from online store and give me link i will card for you and charge 30% of the real price of producet
    Payment accept only perfect money . Bitcoin

    I'm offering you a good service (Shipping + Westernunion + Bank+Paypal transfers related) I can ship to your adress safely many stuff, you can buy from me Iphone latest model or Macbook pro latest model, Samsung Galaxy latest model. all ebay : Amazon, Flipkart , Walmart , , etc. I'm carding in amazon,walmart,ebay and many other private sites which i cant share here with everyone, so i can card you what you want.I have already much stuff in my stock at USA and UK and searching for some serious buyers.Many peoples says its risky but i want to clearify that all risk is at my side cuz im not directly shipping to buyers,first i ship my item to my drop address and then my drop ship it to worldwide customers so there is no risk for you guys.

    Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max 6.5" Unlocked for All CDMA and GSM, Bundle with Free Case (512GB)

    1 piece = 450$

    Some Questions
    Does your stuff works in my country ?
    Yes, they are factory unlocked. Means that they work eveywhere in the word.
    Can you ship to my country ? I live Nigeria / India
    Yes, i can ship to any country. Even Nigeria and India
    Will i have any customs or additional fees to pay when i receive my product?
    No. There is no customs fees or additional taxes. I ship as a Gift from a Private Buisness Compagny. There is no customs duty even in Indonesia,Pakistan,Nigeria,India,etc even if you order 100 Iphones or bulk quantity
    What carrier you use to ship?
    I use DHL/Fedex/UPS/USPS/Express/EMS
    anyone u can choose.
    How can i pay you then?
    By Perfectmoney or Bitcoins
    Do you accept other Escrow than Dark Stuff?
    No. For now, i done more than 2000 escrow deals with Dark Stuff
    Can you give me some recent tracking of your shipped deals?
    No. By giving you the tracking number of my customers, you can get the delivery adress. And i keep the privacy of my customers. For example, i don***8217;t think you like to deal with me, you give me your adress, and then i post it everywhere on internet. If you want a trackin number, ask the customers.
    If you can card all this, why sel lit so cheap ? why dont sell it for real cash
    I already tried, and it***4586;s too risky.For example,hard to find serious buyers, people in Gang want to robb me, or police in civil, etc. So i sell on internet for cheap and anonymously. And even with those price, i make money. For me , its a good way to cashout my carding skillz
    I want an item from another site that EBAY , can you do it ? And do i need a drop?
    YES! I can card almost any site, any price, any country. And no , you don;t need a drop. I will card to my drop then ship to you .
    Is it safe ? will my Iphones get blocked ?
    Yes, its 200% SAFE! I ship from me, so there is no problem. And no, Iphones and others item cant be blocked or anything else. You can keep them for all your life without a problem.






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  2. Anthony B. Peterson

    Anthony B. Peterson New Member

    very good seller i made deal with him wu transfer and complete sucessfully thanks
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  3. Kai Read

    Kai Read New Member

    i paid 450$ and got my bank transfer its superb to figure with him. currently im questioning to create another group action with him for Chinese transfers.
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  4. Sean Bell

    Sean Bell New Member

    Yes guys i additionally received my 5000 usd on westernunion . he's a true carder
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  5. Brandon Banks

    Brandon Banks New Member

    I deal 4000$ Western Union Transfer
    & they done it with honestly & kind language.
    I Vouch for gray bro
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  6. Jimmy K. Johnston

    Jimmy K. Johnston New Member

    Hello i completed deals with you about 3 day ago bro i send you private message for ask a question about new transfer again.
    and to be honest i vouch for gary bro he is very professional guy.
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  7. crift

    crift New Member

    All is good only one simple problem. The ipad is programmed in French how can i change it to English ? Sorry if this question is stupid
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  8. Oscar Clements

    Oscar Clements New Member

    hi friend i made a very good deal for 1iPhone 11 Pro Max with express shipping 3-5 days the price is 450$+50$ shipping charge

    i will send you a pm for new deal of 3 iphones now

    So Kind Of You
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