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    Go Dating
    My success with women has gone through the roof.
    I have a 2 webpages for you to check out if you want to learn what women are looking for.

    First let me tell you about it, it's a book, I know a lot of you guys don't like to read.
    I personally don't like to read either but I had to change the way things were going in the way of relationships so I went looking. Man did I find something.
    I found a lot of stuff actually but there 2 things that I found that really worked.

    The first is how to get the girl, any girl, the girl of your dreams.
    The second is how to hold on to the girl or rekindle a failing relationship.

    How to get the girl the secret to attract girls is simple, it's called confidence and girls love a man who shows he is confident without doing it in a boastful manner.

    There is way too much information to tell you about here so I'll just give you the website, but first I have to tell you about it. I checked out many so-called dating and seduction tips and the main thing is this is the only one that was written by a WOMAN. When it comes down to it who better to tell you how to get a woman than a woman? I highly recomend this site:

    How to keep the girl/rekindle relationship
    This website is amazing. It has over 500 lovemaking secrets, it has tips from oprah's romance expert on how to get more passion, have great sex, and just basically blow your partner away.....there's not really much more I can say except check it out now

    Most guys hate self improvement.
    They just play xbox and watch sport on TV all day and then they complain about women
    finding them childish...

    You need to check this out...once you do you'll never have to come back to this forum again...you won't have time you'll be too busy dating.

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