Editorial, 12/26: If Ordinance Cuts Dumping At Recycling Sites, Go For It

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    Editorial, 12/26: If Ordinance Cuts Dumping At Recycling Sites, Go For It
    In the end, recycling is an unquestionably positive effort in that it diverts garbage from landfills and can be repurposed into new and different materials. But the dollars involved have to make sense – something that the trash showing up at Lincoln drop-off sites hinders.

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    Much of the problem stems from the way Lincoln’s program is structured.

    Of the 19 recycling sites in the city, many are open on account of the goodwill of private businesses that host these bins. However, city code currently places the cost burden for removing items that can’t be recycled on those businesses, rather than the resident who dumped the items there.

    A business obviously didn’t leave a couch outside the big green bins. Yet, as Lincoln Transportation and Utilities Assistant Director of Utilities Donna Garden said, that business is saddled with the cleanup cost.

    That’s not right. And if this ordinance redirects Lincolnites’ behavior in the intended manner, it should make recycling more effective for all parties.

    However, like any ordinance of this nature, the ultimate question comes to enforcement.

    Increasing the number of volunteers – “Bin Buddies,” as they’ll be called – at the collection sites should help to monitor the situation and dissuade Lincolnites from leaving unwanted, unrecyclable materials. But they can’t staff every location at every hour.

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