Cybergate RAT + Crypt Server (SETUP / INFECTION)

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    Cybergate RAT + Crypt Server (SETUP / INFECTION)

    I offer team viewer setup and install of Cybergate RAT. very powerful remote admin tool. with features such as,

    - Server is Written in Delphi/C, Client is Written in Delphi.
    - FWB#+ (DLL Injection, The DLL is Never Written to Disk).
    - Base64 (MIME) and XTEA (Cipher) Encrypted Traffic
    - On-The-Fly Traffic Compression.
    - Uses No Additional/3rd Party Applications.
    - All Traffic Goes through One Port.
    - 6 Startup Methods (Shell, Policies, Registry Run (Vista), ActiveX, UserInit, Start/All Programs/Startup Folder).
    - Multithreaded Transfer System (Unlimited Transfers at The same Time. Depending on The Bandwidth).
    - Anti-Debugging (Anti VMware, VirtualPC, Anubis Sandbox..etc).
    - Thumbnail View in The Main Connections List.
    - Ability to Produce the Server as Delphi/C/Python Shellcode Array.
    - Multi-IP Support.
    - Search INSIDE .rar/.zip/.ace/.arj Files.
    - Persistent Server (Recopy when Deleted, and Rerun when Closed, Add Registry Keys When Removed,
    Lock Server File From Further Actions).
    - 100% Vista/7 UAC Compatible (Workaround).
    - Tested on Windows (2000 SP4-6, XP SPx 32/64 bit, Server 2003 32/64 bit, Vista 32/64bit, 7 32/64 bit)*
    - Built-In FTP Upload Key Logger.
    - Built-In Server Tagger (Tag Servers to Know when They Got Online).
    - Built-In IRC Bot.
    - Polymorphic Plugin System (Plugins are Encrypted Even at Runtime).
    - Listen On Multiple Ports with Status and a Variable Connections Limit for Each Port.
    - Multiple Password Managing at the Client Side.
    - Pause/Resume Downloads/Uploads Even After Client Closes.
    - Save Each User Settings on a Separate Directory, Including Transfers (Optional).

    *The Server Can’t Be Injected to a 64bit Process, so if 64Bit OS is Detected its Automatically Injected to 32bit Process.

    Broadcast :
    - Search
    |_Search Files
    |_File Transfers
    |_Search Windows

    - Passwords
    |_Instant Messengers
    |_Web Browsers
    |_Misc. Passwords

    - Miscellaneous
    |_Suspend Options
    |_Upload Key Logs
    |_HTTP Download
    |_DOS Command
    |_Memory Download
    |_USB Monitor

    - Server Options

    Functions (None of the Following Functions Require any Plugins/3rd Party Application) :
    - Managers
    |_File Manager (Supports Network Exploring).
    |_File/Folder Search (Threaded/Wildcard Search ‘?, *’/ Search Inside .rar, .zip, .ace, .arj Files/Search By Date Interval).
    |_RAR/ZIP Explorer (Remote).
    |_Window Manager.
    |_Registry Editor.
    |_Search Registry.
    |_Process Manager (Multi/Single Process Terminate, Suspend, Resume and Restart).
    |_Modules (List/Unload Modules).
    |_Handles (List/Close Handles).
    |_Device Manager.
    |_Clipboard Manager (Text and Files).
    |_Service Manager (with Drivers Support).
    |_Startup Manager (Registry and Start/All Programs/Start-up Folders).

    - Surveillance
    |_Screen Capture (GIF Compression/Image Resizing).
    |_Webcam Capture (GIF Compression/Supports Multiple Web Cams).
    |_Audio Stream (Supports Multiple Input Devices/Save Recorded Streams as .wav Format).
    |_Key Logger (Unicode, GMT/24-Hours Format Options).
    |_USB Drives (Copy Files To USB/Custom Autorun.inf File, Copy USB Files to Local Application Data Folder).

    - Information
    |_PC Information
    |_Server Information
    |_User Accounts
    |_Available Accounts
    |_Logon Sessions
    |_Installed Apps.
    |_Network Adapters
    |_Active Ports

    - Passwords
    |_Instant Messengers (Live MSN, Google Talk, Trillian, Miranda, GAIM, Pidgin, Paltalk, IMVU).
    |_Web Browsers (Firefox 2/3/3.5, Internet Explorer 7/8, Google Chrome, Opera (All Versions).
    |_Misc Passwords (No-IP DUC, Microsoft Product Keys, FileZilla, IDM Site Logins, DynDNS Client).

    - Miscellaneous
    |_Memory Execute (Execute From HTTP or From Local)
    |_Message Box
    |_Remote Chat
    |_Command Prompt
    |_Suspend Options
    |_Script Creator

    - Net Tools
    |_WLM Sniffer (Sniffs all Incoming/Outgoing MSN Conversations)
    |_Web Transfers (HTTP Download/FTP Upload/FTP Download)
    |_Host Redirect

    Plugins (Delphi/C Framework Included) :
    |_File/Folder Zipper
    |_Socks 4 Server
    |_Classic Fun Stuff
    |_Disk Utilities (Low Level Format/Check Disk Using ‘fmifs.dll’)

    I can also Crypt the server for you so that it will bypass all of the following anti-virus' programs and firewall's

    G DATA
    Microsoft Windows Defender
    PC Tools
    Trend Micro

    + many Many more!

    For more info PM ME!
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