T3es Alboraaq Admin is scammer with proofs

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    T3es Alboraaq Admin is scammer with proofs
    I receive many complain about Alboraaq admin and whole forum, this seems to be a nice and legit forum once you visit it and see its member and daily visitors but i got proof that all visitors are fake made account and their are even more then 50 visitors daily

    and admin managed his whole team and they scam daily not even admin Te3s but all his verified seller and escrow team are scammers


    i want safety of people and i dont want them to be scam

    now some proof which you want to see

    Nickname: Te3s, T3eS
    Name: Helmi Gheith
    Address : Bilal Street City Hebron PIN-00970 ISRAEL
    Emails: helmegith@gmail.com, t3ys@hotmail.com, owner_abh@yahoo.com
    Phone: +970598432751
    MSN: t3ys@hotmail.com
    ICQ: 630593739
    Yahoo: Owner_ABH@yahoo.com
    Skype: ABH-T3eS
    Liberty Reserve: U6892347 (ABH Escrow Team)
    (He will create new ones, it's easy).

    his dog:

    Nickname: zedpekeno, kaito96, kaito9696
    MSN: kaito9696@hotmail.com
    Paypal: kaito9696@hotmail.com
    Yahoo: zedpekeno@yahoo.com
    Details: Canadian or French, saw him on some french speaking forums if you google for him.

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    source : Alboraaq.com Managed by a Ripper (Market of Scammers) - Pastebin.com

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